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Tips for sharing images online

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Sharing eye-catching images on social media is a proven way to engage followers, so use them freely across your platforms. Just make sure you follow these rules when you do:

Make sure you have permission. Copyright laws prevent you from grabbing and posting any image you find online. Check and make sure an image can be shared free without attribution.

Think outside the (product) box. If you only share images of products you sell or of the people in your organization, customers will start to ignore your posts. Instead, mix in beautiful images that represent your company or are relevant to what you do. For example, if you are a paperless company, share images of the trees you are helping to save.

Post one strong image at the same time each day. The consistency and frequency will keep followers engaged.

Stick to high-quality images. Don’t post images that are unclear in anyway, including those that are blurry, dark and overexposed.

Steer clear of controversial topics. Anytime you post something political, religious or contentious in any way, you risk alienating a portion of your followers. It’s best to keep it light and directly related to the business.

Create your own images. Use image editing tools and apps—like those on your smartphone—to overlay text or add special effects to photos. For example, add a customer testimonial over an image of your service team, or include a helpful tip over an image of your product.

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