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Finding purpose: How to help employees connect with meaning in their jobs

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Find meaningThe degree to which your team feels their work is meaningful has a direct impact on their level of motivation, performance and job satisfaction. Unfortunately, not all companies or roles serve the greater good.

Regardless, managers who understand what employees value have an opportunity to inspire them to find a purpose for their work that they can embrace, and connect to a deeper meaning and increased engagement in their work.

Here are some tips all managers can use to help employees find purpose in their jobs.

Understand what your employees care about individually. When researchers at MIT interviewed employees across a variety of professions to understand what factors contributed to a feeling that their work was important, they discovered that meaning is a deeply personal definition.

Further, an employee’s perception of meaningful work is based on the factors unique to the employee’s personal life and his or her ex...(register to read more)

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