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Deep breath, regroup, attack!

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Work-related disengagement and stress cost U.S. businesses hundreds of billions a year. As a leader, you need to model behavior that prevents disengagement and dissipates stress. Some ideas:

Do somebody a five-minute favor. Good deeds help you connect and feel less stressed.

Hide your phone. Just seeing a smartphone interferes with your ability to focus.

Take a break before lunch. You’ll feel more restored and less exhausted than those who push through to the afternoon.

Get out for a while. Taking a 10-minute walk every day calms the mind.

Chat with co-workers—not about work. “Social time is really valuable,” says Wharton researcher Reb Rebele.

End the day like a boss. People who consider themselves on call feel less in control and produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. Close up shop.

— Adapted from “New ways to improve well-being at work,” Mandy Oaklander, Time.

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