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1-Minute Strategies: December ’17

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills,People Management

Even if your employees have enough information to do their jobs effectively, they may want to know more. Don’t hesitate to pass out information about your work and your enterprise that you think may interest them or better yet, they may need to know. They may grumble about too many emails, but they’ll grumble far more if they didn’t receive a message they thought was important.

Keep those chairs open! Chances are you have a chair or two in your office for quick meetings or to host visiting employees. If you use those seats to park your laptop bag or to toss your coat on, then you don’t want any visitors. At least that’s the impression you’re giving. Get yourself a freestanding coat rack. The open chairs say “welcome.”

When your team members attend seminars or workshops, ask them to fill out two copies of the speaker evaluation form. One is for giving feedback to the presenter. The other comes back to the office with the team member. That way, you’ll have a ready-made record of which programs are worth spending money on again.

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