EventsXD: Robust conference app

Modern technology has made running an event easier with apps like EventsXD, which enable you to:

Promote your event: Get the word out with a personal event website (no coding required) complete with conference information, maps, social sharing links, contact-the-organizer forms, speaker profiles, sessions, sponsor page and more.

Sell tickets, check in attendees: Pay a small percentage of each ticket to have EventsXD handle all the ticket sales, and the check-in list is automatically created for you.

Personalize agendas for attendees: Create a default agenda, or let attendees build their own customized agendas within the mobile app with the help of session filters that let the attendees better decide what sessions will work well for them.

Digitize event materials: Provide your attendees with digital event materials right at their fingertips, so there is no need to email presentations afterward.

Send push notifications from organizer: Changes to the agenda or special announcements are easy to communicate to attendees through push notifications sent directly to them during the event.

Showcase sponsors: Feature valued sponsors directly on each attendee’s app.

Gather digital feedback: During the event, get real-time feedback on a session from your attendees with the survey feature.