Keyboard Shortcuts: Windows

Win+Home Too many distracting windows in the way? Use Win+Home to minimize all but the active window. Use it again to restore all to their previous size and position.

Win+PrtScn To capture and save screenshots to the Screenshots folder (in Pictures Library), use Win+PrtScn. It’s great when assembling images for a set of procedures, or for dropping virtual breadcrumbs when learning a process.

Win+Tab Myriad open windows can make it difficult to track what’s already running. For a clearer view, cycle through with Win+Tab. Click on any thumbnail to activate that window.

Win –: On the bottom of a PC keyboard there’s a Windows logo key, Win –, that opens the Start Menu. Type the name of an app, file, or action. When it appears at the top, press Enter.

Win +1 (1-9): If you have apps pinned to your Task Bar, you can launch the first 9 by using the Windows key and the position of the app in the Task Bar (Win +1 ).

Win +0: Use Win +0 to return to the last active window. Press it again to return.

+ ↓ Restore down to make the size of the active window smaller.

+ ↑ Maximize the active window without clicking on the box in the upper right corner.

+ → Snap active window to right half of screen. This feature is great for comparing files.

+ ← Snap active window to left half of screen. Want to change sides? Hit the shortcut twice.