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The Mashup … with Michelle Peña

Evict your inner imposter

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Michelle Pena

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in The Mashup … with Michelle Peña,Workplace Communication

Wading deeper into a new year of opportunities and professional aspirations, many of us are hitting the gym more and focused on physical fitness. Yet, we can’t deny that our endurance is also exceedingly dependent on a happy, healthy mind. In particular, confidence and positivity are critical to every manager's success in the workplace. If we are mentally weak, then we must train our brain, much like athletes train their bodies.

As Runner’s World reports, “For a century, researchers have focused on the role of the heart, legs, and lungs to explain the limits of human endurance, but they’ve ignored the brain. Turns out, that was a mistake. It’s not ... your muscles that force you to slow down, it’s how your brain interprets those signals. The effort of running is only as hard as your brain perceives it to be.”

To a degree, it's normal for feelings of self-doubt to creep up on us. Award-winning poet Maya Angelo...(register to read more)

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