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Shake off a negative mindset

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in Admins,Office Management

If you’re often consumed by negativity at work, it’s easy to blame the boss, co-workers or the organization for your feelings. However, it’s possible that your own mindset and emotions are actually causing your misery. Here are some toxic mindsets and how to overcome them.

You give too much attention to gossip and negativity. Avoid people who like to gossip and spread bad feelings about others.

You’re too concerned about what others think of you. Listen to feedback, but don’t make it your only goal to get praise from everyone else.

You expect others to act like you. Your boss and co-workers can’t read your mind and they don’t think the same as you, so it’s pointless to get angry about this.

You expect too much of yourself. Don’t break yourself trying to do everything perfectly. Remember that you’re allowed to fail sometimes.

— Adapted from “Is Your Mindset Toxic at Work?,” Robin Madell, U.S. News & World Report.

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