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Work with your manager’s style

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Your manager's styleIf you find it hard to stay motivated at work and you’re looking for new inspiration, you might try looking at your supervisor. Managers have different leadership styles; and if you can figure out how to work with your boss’ style, you might find a boost of productivity. Consider:

Task-oriented leaders set clear goals and expectations. They also like to give rewards for achieved goals. If this is your boss’ style, you might feel pressured and drained by task completion, and you might fear failure. Try to focus on learning new things, and take on projects out of your comfort zone.

“Laissez faire” leaders don’t provide much guidance and will avoid important decisions and meetings. You need to set your own goals and create your own structure under this type of leader. Make deadlines and goals public so you have some sort of accountability, and work on “managing up” to your supervisor.

Authoritarian leaders make rules and punishments without explanations and require a lot of power. These leaders want obedience, and they make quick decisions. To work with this type of boss, make a list of what you can and can’t control, then focus your energy on the things you can. Also, formally ask to set your own performance goals so you can take a little control over your work.

Transformational leaders are good at inspiring and motivating people. They focus on future goals and may get you so caught up in the organization that you forget about your personal career path. Attend conferences and meetings that let you see how your work pays off. Also, try setting bigger goals for yourself that are difficult but attainable.

— Adapted from “Personal Motivation: How To Find It Based On Your Supervisor’s Leadership Style,” Amanda Munsterteiger, Training Magazine.

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