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Make conference calls more productive

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in Meeting Management,Office Management

A particular time when multitasking will definitely kill your focus is during conference calls. Most people have hit the mute button and settled into half a dozen other tasks during calls, only to miss the majority of what was said. Here are some suggestions to make more people stay alert during conference calls.

Ban the mute button for the team. If you regularly hold calls with the same group of people, suggest banning mute as a way to keep people focused.

Ban mute for yourself. If you’re not in a position to get everyone off mute, you can make it a personal choice to keep yourself engaged.

Shorten conference calls. If you’re the host, try to shave some time off the calls.

Schedule video calls. On video it’s harder for people to tune out in the middle of the call.

Use a collaboration tool such as Slack instead. Cancel the calls and have a group meeting online with a scheduled agenda.

— Adapted from “This Standard Phone Feature Is Killing Your Effectiveness at Work,” Robin Camarote, Inc.

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