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Show a new boss what you’re made of

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in Dealing with Bosses,Office Management

It can be jarring to suddenly be paired with someone new when a longtime boss leaves—especially because it may put you in a position where you have to prove your worth all over again. How do you quickly build a relationship and show what you can do without bragging?

Befriend. Set up a coffee or lunch date so you can get to know your boss. This will give you a chance to discuss what you do around the office.

Research. Find out what they did in their last position and what they were known for. What are their goals for the new position? This can let you find ways to help your boss with their needs in the new role, whether it’s special reports or new vendors.

Help your boss adjust. When the opportunity arises, show your boss the ropes. You can share information about people and processes so your boss can get up to speed.

Learn your boss’ management style. Find out how they prefer to communicate and how informed they like to be about daily occurrences. This way you can adapt to their preferences.

Meet deadlines and quality expectations. When you’re working on projects, let your best work shine to show the boss what you can do.

— Adapted from “This Is How To Prove Your Worth To Your New Boss,” Gwen Moran, Fast Company.

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