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Juggling work and a sick child

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It’s emotionally taxing when your child is sick, and the stress mounts when you have to juggle work on top of that. Some advice for managing work and sick days:

Plan ahead. Realize that at some point your child is going to get sick. Create realistic backup plans with your spouse, parents and baby sitters.

Talk to your boss and colleagues. Tell them your game plan for days when your child falls ill. Will you have to leave the office early? Can you telecommute for part of the day? Will you have to cancel meetings?

Set up the logistics. Stash a bag with medicines, clean clothes, diapers or anything else your child might need for a sick day at grandma’s house. Ensure you can access necessary work documents from home.

Stay in touch with work. If you’re out of the office, maintain communication with your boss and co-workers. Don’t spend your time posting on social media or making it seem like you’re on vacation.

— Adapted from “How to Handle Work When Your Child Is Sick,” Daisy Wademan Dowling, Harvard Business Review.

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