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When breaking the rules is a good thing

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in Admins,Office Management

Rules are there for a reason, but there are occasions where breaking the rules at work can pay off. It might earn you the title of “trailblazer” or create opportunities. Alyse Kalish, writing at The Muse, shares these times you can break a few rules and let your creativity shine.

When you’re not given specific guidelines. If your boss only cares about the end result and not how you get there, try thinking outside the box. This doesn’t mean you can throw out everything in the rulebook, but it does give you some creative license.

When there’s a better way to do it. If something can be improved by skipping a deadline or changing a meeting, convince other team members to get on board.

When they are obsolete. If the changing industry means certain rules no longer apply, open a discussion about switching them up.

In most cases, it’s a good idea to ask for permission. If you have a good reason lined up, your boss will likely agree to set a rule aside.

— Adapted from “5 Times It’s Actually OK to Break the Rules at Work,” Alyse Kalish, The Muse.

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