4 symptoms of burnout

The next couple of months are notorious for being stress-filled, as a combination of the holidays and typical end-of-the-year business is often too much for people. You need to be at your very best, so look for these signs that you’re starting to burn out:

You can’t focus. You can’t stick to one task, and you keep losing your train of thought. Tasks seem to take you twice as long.

You resent your work. Suddenly, tasks or projects that you used to enjoy or be enthusiastic about feel like a burden.

You’re grumpy. You snap at others for no reason, and you find it hard to enjoy activities you once loved.

You feel like work is consuming you. You’re spending long hours on the job, and even when you are technically “off,” you can’t stop thinking about work.

If any of those apply to you, take a step back, set some boundaries and make time for you. Find ways to relax, spend time with your loved ones, and clear your head, so that you can finish the year strong.

— Adapted from “5 Signs You’re Approaching Burnout,” Miranda Marquit, Business 2 Community, www.business2community.com.