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Reasons to announce change early

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Change is tricky. While you may want to wait as long as possible before you break bad news to your team, you’ll reduce resistance and increase support for the change if you announce it early. Here’s why:

Employees have time to adjust. They will have time to think about the changes and get used to them before they are expected to act.

Stakeholders can weigh in. People can offer input, make suggestions and propose ideas that could ensure a better outcome.

You can earn their support. When employees don’t feel like a change has been dropped—and forced—on them, they are more likely to buy in to the changes.

Everyone can be more proactive. If you don’t wait until the last minute to announce a change, you offer your team a chance to get ahead of any potential problems. You and your staff can communicate, brainstorm and come up with a long-term plan, rather than just reacting once changes start happening.

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