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New technology for booking travel

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Travel agents and online travel search engines are changing the way they serve customers. Rather than entering a hotel search and receiving a page with hundreds of options, new data-driven travel agents—using humans, AI or both—are tailoring options based on a traveler’s personal preferences. These new agents use chatbots or messaging to communicate with travel bookers. Elaine Glusac, writing at The New York Times, offers these examples of data-driven travel planners.

Pana caters to frequent travelers. For a monthly fee, Pana is available 24 hours. It uses member profiles and past trips to funnel travel requests to human agents.

Mezi uses chatbots to handle travel booking. If a complicated issue arises then humans get involved; afterward they train the bots to handle it in the future. The more you book with Mezi, the more it learns about your preferences.

Savanti Travel helps frequent travelers cut costs while gaining status with travel companies. It doesn’t operate on commission to avoid the urge to find more expensive bookings.

Hello Hipmunk is a travel-planning messaging system. It runs through Facebook Messenger, Skype or Slack, and lets you topic hop as if you were talking to a human. It can offer tips such as on the cheapest times to travel.

Flightfox specializes in complicated itineraries. The service books flights only; for a fee, agents find the best prices and send you links so you can do the booking yourself. It also uses points systems to find the best deals.

— Adapted from “Meet Your New Data-Driven Travel Agent,” Elaine Glusac, The New York Times.

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Lauren McLeod October 12, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Hi there, Lauren here from Flightfox. Thanks for including us in this article.
I just want to clarify that we don’t only book flights, but we also book hotels, Airbnbs, car rentals, meeting spaces, anything that’s travel-related for our corporate clients.
We manage all bookings, changes and cancellations for our corporate clients and their teams, whereas for our individual/personal clients, we provide links so they can book themselves.


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