5 ways to procrastinate wisely

Procrastinate wisely So you don’t feel like opening that onerous spreadsheet. That’s OK. Try these idle activities:

Tackle a different point of procrastination—your inbox. Go through all the messages you decided to leave until later, and decide whether they’re worth responding to. A clean inbox can help you focus on a new task.

Watch industry-related videos. If you want a passive activity, look up educational YouTube videos, such as TED Talks or training videos related to your field. Look for something that might inspire you about your career.

Clean up your smartphone. Clear out old apps and run that software update you’ve been ignoring. You could even find some new handy apps to help organize your life.

Bond with your co-workers. Grab a coffee or sit in the break room and get to know them better. They may be able to help talk you through the task you’re putting off, and you can learn about other things going on in the company.

Organize your workspace. Throw out last week’s coffee cups, file those documents and fill your stapler. A clean desk can help you feel better about the task at hand, and make you more productive.

— Adapted from “5 Surprisingly Productive Ways to Procrastinate Today,” Lillian Childress, Glassdoor.