Microlearning gets you the skills

If there’s a skill you’d like to acquire, chances are there’s an online course for you. Microlearning lets you focus on particular knowledge without having to enroll in a semester-long class. Cost options range from free to thousands of dollars, depending on what you’d like to learn, so talk to your employer about any continuing education benefits it offers.

Here are some tips on where to find microlearning courses and how to use them to your advantage.

Identify the skills you want to learn. Be specific about your aspirations and how you want to grow, says Tess Ausman, owner of CLT Leads, a coaching and development company for young professionals.

Prioritize the classes you want to take. Choose which courses you’d like to accomplish first, then set a timeline for completing them, Ausman says. Also, factor in time to practice the new skill before moving on to another course, she says.

Coursera offers online courses taught by instructors from major universities. It’s a good platform to use if you want a certificate or even a degree. “If you can make the time and investment, I would recommend Coursera for learning professional skills, such as marketing, SEO, graphic design or communication,” says Pooja Krishna, co-founder of Maroon Oak, a professional network for women.

Udemy courses tend to be shorter. The platform also offers discounted rates if cost is an issue. Krishna recommends Udemy for soft-skills training such as time management, productivity and leadership.

Do some research to find what’s best for you. There are many other sites that offer courses, such as Udacity and LinkedIn’s Learning and Lynda. You may also find helpful free videos on YouTube. Read course descriptions and outlines to determine what aligns with your goals and how much time you’ll need to invest, advises Krishna. “Also, check user ratings and reviews which are quite insightful,” she says.