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The 7 trends driving job creation in the 20-teens

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in HR Management,Human Resources

Seven major trends that have significantly influenced job creation over the last seven years, according to new research from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Each trend has sparked occupational growth in emerging fields.

1. Rapid technology innovation: From an endless selection of apps to inventions in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and 3-D printing, technology is introducing new possibilities for business and everyday life.

Applications software developers: +31%

2. On-demand culture: With 24/7 access to the internet, consumers expect information to be delivered right now, and purchases to happen with a click.

Web developers: +34%

3. Lifestyle changes: Americans are becoming more health-conscious and focusing on self-improvement.

Fitness trainers: +22%

4. Gig economy: With the advent of Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit and others, more people are going to work for themselves and take on freelance assignments.

Drivers/chauffeurs: +35%

5. Globalization: Companies are moving beyond borders, serving customers in different time zones and languages.

Interpreters/translators: +36%

6. Medical advancements: New discoveries in medicine enable people to manage chronic conditions and live longer.

Home health aides: +35%

7. Rebuilding: Infrastructure investment and pent-up post-recession construction activity are driving job creation.

Construction laborers: +20%

Source: Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. study, September 2017

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