Best practices for social media security

Today, over 81% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile. With the growing popularity of social media, more information is being shared. Without security measures in place, for you personally and for your business, this could be disastrous.

Here are four tips on how to prevent unwanted cyber activity:

1. Corporate social media security is tricky. Unlike most security issues, the company does not control the data or the access to social media. This requires building employee awareness and best practices around targeted attacks and cybercrimes. Not only do thieves want information about individuals, but corporate espionage is also a real concern.

2. Enable two-factor authentication. Anytime you are working on a new device, this requires you to authenticate your login with a second device. This will prevent others from getting into your account without your knowledge.

3. Be careful what you share. Often, answers to password questions are revealed through social media. You might post the answer to a password question, such as where you met your spouse, where you were born or even your favorite pet’s name. Keep your profiles free of identifiable information, such as a birthday, and avoid sharing your mother’s maiden name or high school mascot.

4. Use the Facebook Privacy Checkup. This feature walks users through their privacy settings. Make sure you are only sharing what you intended.