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Set up for 2018 success in Outlook

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

With the year-end and holiday season looming for almost everyone, the time to start thinking about setting yourself up for success is now. While this article addresses techniques in Outlook, you should be able to accomplish similar things no matter what you use for email and calendaring.


ListHere are some enlightening questions. Where did I spend my time? How fruitful was that expenditure? In Outlook, you can easily view your calendar items as a list by clicking on the View tab, and in Current View, select List.

If you’ve categorized your calendar items, you can sort them by category and review each one. For example, I categorize training engagements differently than I categorize meetings. (If you’ve ever attended one of my training courses, you know how I feel about meetings!) I’m also diligent about recording the locations for all my sessions.

Sorting by location, I can recognize how often I’ve been to a p...(register to read more)

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