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Make your writing super clear

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Ensure that you have put forth polished, professional writing by asking yourself these questions before you share it with others:

What is my objective? What do you want the reader to do after reading your writing? Act? Think? Laugh? Buy something? Did you accomplish that with a clear, concise call to action?

What questions should I have answered? People will naturally have questions. Do your best to pinpoint the most obvious ones, and answer them in the initial message.

What can I clarify? Is there anything that could leave the recipient the slightest bit confused or unsure of what you want him or her to do next? Make sure you aren’t making assumptions about how much the recipient will know.

What can I remove? What information, phrases or even individual words are clouding your message? Remove any unnecessary or irrelevant content so that your main message stands out.

— Adapted from “5 Tips for Writing More Effectively,” Patrick Gray, Tech Republic, www.techrepublic.com.

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