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Twitter users on leadership skills

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Asked to describe the most important leadership skill, here’s what Twitter followers tweeted back:

“The leaders I want to follow are those who wouldn’t ask you to do something they wouldn’t do themselves.”

“Trust and empower.”

“A leader should be authentic, vulnerable, bold, resilient, self-aware and adaptable.”

“Have a compelling purpose and be accountable for results.”

“Be honest and authentic. Walk the talk. Admit when you’re wrong.”

“Serve your way to the top and keep serving once you get there.”

“Great leaders have a worldview but are humble enough to change based on new info.”

“Ask more questions and listen longer.”

“Using bonuses or stock options to attract employees always fails. Build a culture with purpose and empathy.”

— Adapted from “Tweetback!,” Amy Cosper, Entrepreneur.

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