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Payroll Today

Meet the new IRS website, definitely not like the old IRS website

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Alice Gilman

by on
in Payroll Today

Every time the IRS redesigns its website, it gets just that much more boring. Its original website had cool cartoons, which injected a little bit of humor—and goodness knows, humor and taxes don’t normally run together.

Leaving aside the stock photos of smiling taxpayers (something else that doesn’t normally run together), the second iteration’s home page was busy, but merely boring. Remember the grayish buttons running horizontally across and the orange buttons right underneath? We liked the Hot Topics and the slide show. It wasn’t perfect or incredibly intuitive, but it was familiar. However, someone forgot about the humor.

Third time is not the charm

And now we have the third iteration, which, the IRS says, is more suited to mobile platforms. It must be, because it’s not very impressive looking on our desktop monitor (read: incredibly boring). The home page is cleaner and more vertical, thus eliminating some of the “pinc...(register to read more)

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