In honor of National Payroll Week, here’s to all that you do!

This week is National Payroll Week—the week everyone, from the IRS to the C-suite to every child in need of child support, should give Payroll one big “Thank You!”

In honor of National Payroll Week, we’ve gathered some graphics that demonstrate Payroll is the key player in funding the government and other areas, too.

So, thank you to all Payroll professionals for the 100% spot-on job you do, every day. The country couldn’t survive without you.


Tax collections, revenue and spending

Fig 1

Source: Congressional Budget Office


Fig 2

Source: Congressional Budget Office


Information reporting

Naturally, all those taxes you collect to fund vital government programs, such as Social Security benefits, must be reported to the IRS:

Fig 3

Source: IRS, Statistics of Income Division, Publication 6961, August 2017


Child support withholding

And, finally, child support has come a long way in a short time:

FIg 4

Source: Office of Child Support Enforcement