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Hello, Trello–the free project management app

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Managing everything that needs to be done can be overwhelming. Luckily there are project management applications that can help you stay organized both in and out of the office.

Trello is a straightforward project management app for both PCs and mobile devices, and it is free.

Trello sorts projects onto a board. Each board has cards with tasks and subtasks. For example, if you were painting a house, the board (or project) might be called “Painting a house.”

Then each card may represent a different type of painting project that you will do. For example, painting baseboards, painting walls or painting ceilings.

Then under each card would be specific tasks to complete that project. These might be: order paint, rooms to paint, how much paint to order, videos on how to paint and more.  

Using Trello is easy. Start with your list of tasks and customize them into your workflow (to-do lists, doing and done), or separate them into projects (development, design and distribution). Then add your tasks with labels, due dates, checklists and comments all in one place.

Trello is great for complex to-do lists, project management, organizing standard processes and more. In Trello you can move each task through standardized project stages, so teams can track what’s in progress at a glance and identify show-stopping bottlenecks.

With the power-up options, you will be able to view tasks on a calendar, include voting options on a task and let the older tasks fade away automatically.

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