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Your fellow admins on becoming an EA

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Blythe, an admin from San Diego, was sure the pay of an Executive Assistant would be very nice, but she had her doubts about whether to go for the job. She liked being on the same level as other admins in the office, working as a group, and the idea of tying herself so closely to the whims of just one boss was making her hesitant.

Words submitted to us from actual admins around the country changed her mind.

“I have been in the administrative field for more than 35 years, and worked my way up,” Melissa told Blythe in response to her doubts. “I think you may be surprised that there is not that much difference between the title Administrative Assistant and Executive Assistant. I have been both, worked for individuals and supported departments. Don't be locked into a job title; look at the whole of the job.”

Kate counseled:Pay should not be the reason to take the job. One thing you have to look for is chemistry. If you don't ha...(register to read more)

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