4 ways to kill motivation fast

Killing motivation If you want to suck the motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and productivity right out of your staff, follow this advice:

Refuse to communicate. When you don’t communicate effectively, employees make mistakes, miss deadlines and goals, worry, gossip and more. Furthermore, if you fail to communicate a vision, people don’t know where to focus. Ensure that you have created a clear flow of communication.

Don’t address toxic people and behaviors. If left unchecked, toxic people and their behaviors will cause conflict, stunt progress and break down teamwork. When you become aware of problems, deal with them immediately, even if that means firing people.

Ignore their input. If you want people to “Keep quiet and do as you say,” they are likely doing the bare minimum. Ask for and use their ideas and feedback, and everyone—including you—will be better off.

Waste their time. Unnecessary meetings, paperwork or protocols, rework and other time wasters are extremely frustrating, especially to employees who might already be stretched too thin. Value people’s time, and they’ll know you value them.

—Adapted from “8 Deadly Ways to Kill Employee Motivation,” Lolly Daskal, Inc., www.inc.com.