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Federal contractors: Dust off government shutdown plans

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

It’s that time of year again: With the threat of a government shutdown looming Sept. 30, HR pros working for federal government contractors should pull out their contingency plans for temporarily furloughing employees who do work for Uncle Sam.

Before Oct. 1, Congress must approve and President Trump must sign legislation to accomplish two things:

  • Raise the nation’s debt ceiling so the United States can pay its existing debt obligations
  • Set a federal budget for fiscal year 2018.

If either doesn’t occur, the government would begin at least a partial shutdown, meaning many contractors will be forbidden to work on their contracts. So far, the smart money in Washington says a fiscal crisis will probably be averted. If it isn’t, be prepared to implement procedures for having contract employees temporarily stand down.

Advice: Stay in contact with your company’s federal contracting officers to stay current on what’s happening.

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