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Need a tax pro? Where to look

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in Small Business Tax

In this publication, we frequently advise readers to consult with their tax pro.

But maybe you don’t have one or you’re not satisfied with your current arrangement.  

Strategy: Search for a professional you can trust. Don’t just settle for the first person you see online or hear about.

If you’re in the market for a tax pro, look for someone exhibiting these six qualities:

1. Experience in your industry. Every industry or profession has its own tax twists and turns. Find out how long the tax pro has been in the business, what percentage of his or her clients are in your industry and whether the practitioner specializes in certain fields.

If you’re in a multistate business, make sure the tax pro has knowledge of all the relevant jurisdictions. Determine how long the average client has been with the advisor. Then request names of past clients and ask those people for referrals.

2. The right style. The best tax pros usually bala...(register to read more)

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