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It’s test time!

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

1. Have you ever hidden a mistake from your supervisor, colleagues, customers or employees?

2. Ever failed to disclose a product bug, flaw or error to a customer, or told a customer something that wasn’t entirely true to win their business?

3. Ever expensed a meal, or office supplies, when it wasn’t exclusively for business?

4. Does your organization have a written code of ethics?

5. Can you list everything in the code without reading it?

6. Are you accessible to every employee you direct, and if you’re CEO, to every employee in the company?

7. Do you admit mistakes publicly?

8. Do you encourage whistleblowers?

A transparent leader answers no to the first three questions and yes to the rest.

— Adapted from “Transparent Leadership,” Herb Baum, Leader to Leader.

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