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No rest for the weary: The risk of “presenteeism”

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

PresenteeismEmployees who make a point of being at work every day are a manager’s dream, right? Who wouldn’t be thrilled by staff members willing to put health or private needs aside for the good of the company?

Not so fast. Before commending “troopers” for their ability to show up despite a piercing headache, realize that simply being at the office doesn’t translate into giving work your all.

In fact, research cited in the Harvard Business Review estimates that presenteeism in the United States—physically being at work but unable to perform up to par because of medical or personal issues competing for attention—may be reaching a cost of more than $150 billion per year.


Face it: When an employee is frequently escaping to the bathroom to deal with an ornery stomach or secretly trying to get in touch with her psychiatrist without co-workers overhearing, not much quality work is getting done.

Physical and mental dilemmas pull energ...(register to read more)

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