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Talking about Gmail: Junk mail and recalling messages

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

Gmail clutter

Q. I have so much junk mail coming to my Gmail account. How do I get it all cleaned up? Where should I start?

A. If you’ve set up your Gmail account to catch all your non­essential email, you may notice that it’s getting completely unwieldy. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Try adding some tabs and let Gmail sort things out for you. For example, add Social, Promotions and Updates tabs by clicking the + across the tabs above your main list. (If you don’t see this, click on the gear at the top right of your page and choose Configure Inbox.) Then, click the dropdown arrow next to the checkbox icon toward the upper left of the list. Select All.

To avoid having to do this screen-full by screen-full, look for the link across the top of the list, just below the tabs, which says, “Select all #,### conversations in ‘tab name.’” Now, if you click the Trash Can (Delete) icon, you can get rid of all of them at once.

Select all

Another idea is Archive. While this doesn’t actually get rid of anything, it will move it from your Inbox view. In settings, you can relegate all sent mail to archive. So, where does it go? Look in your labels list (you might have to click on More labels) and choose All mail. You will find your archived mail in here. If what you’re concerned about is the amount of space you’re using, keep in mind that the archive function doesn’t actually get rid of anything. The mail you retain in “archive” still counts against your allotted space in Gmail.

Sent mail recall

Q. Is there any way to recall a message in Gmail?

A. Well, first, you’ll need to set yourself up for success. In settings, look for the Undo Send setting. The max number of seconds you can set is 30. That means you’ll have 30 seconds to decide whether you really meant to send that message. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to save your changes.

Undo send

Now, if you want to change your mind, look at the top of the screen after hitting send; you’ll be able to click the Undo link. You will be returned to the message in edit mode, where you can edit it or close it without resending.

Undo link

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