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Banjo: Social media aggregator

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

What if you could get hundreds of people’s perspectives from an event, location or time frame? It would provide such a richness of knowledge and insight that could be used for business intelligence.

What is this?

This is exactly what Banjo has done. Banjo pulls information from a dozen social media networks all over the world. This “event detection engine” brings together thousands of images and posts from a specific event or time frame in a specific location all curated from public posts.

How it works

You enter the location and keywords you want to use; and Banjo creates a map with all the public posts that appear in that area, showing pins on the maps with text, photos and videos all in real time!

This software has access to about 1.2 billion people’s feeds, which is about 1/6th of the world’s population.

How to use it

For businesses, this tool will produce brand new information on what happened before, during and after an event. This becomes actionable business intelligence. The aggregation of public knowledge opens the door to information that has been right in front of our eyes, but never aggregated to be seen like this before.

As an example, Budweiser used Banjo to drive its social media feeds for the “House of Whatever” campaign (as seen on the Super Bowl). This is just one way Banjo can generate business intelligence through the aggregation of social media feeds from public content.

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