Help your boss travel more smoothly

Looking for ways to make your boss’s life a little easier on the road? Svilen Petrov, writing at Wings Journal, shares these business travel tips from frequent traveler Eric Pulier.

Make a list. Prevent stress about forgetting something—or worse, actually forgetting something—by making a checklist ahead of time. Include every item they need to take with them, from a toothbrush to proper attire.

Find good apps for their smartphone. Include a GPS map as well as one for finding nearby food, shopping and entertainment. If they’re traveling overseas they may want a translation app. Additionally, a Wi-Fi hotspot app can help them find and access free internet connections.

Make sure their credit card has an embedded chip. The new chip cards are growing in popularity in the United States, and some places overseas won’t accept a card without a chip. It’s safer and ensures that your card will be accepted everywhere.

Pack gum and snacks for the plane ride. Airline snacks are pricey, so help make sure your boss is prepared.

Buy them a travel pillow. Even when available, airline pillows aren’t the most comfortable. If they don’t already have a great travel pillow, order them a new one.

— Adapted from “Eric Pulier Shares 12 Travel Tips for Your Business Trip,” Svilen Petrov, Wings Journal.