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The joys and benefits of losing focus

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Losing focusYour mind wasn’t built to put the pedal to the metal 24/7. Consider these strategies to stay sharp:

Daydream constructively. Start with a simple activity like reading or gardening and imagine something positive and playful. Keep the positive image in your head and let your mind wander.

Make time for a nap. A 10-minute nap can help you become clear and alert, while a 90-minute nap can give your brain more thorough refreshment.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. To unleash your creativity when you’re in a rut, pretend to be someone else and think like someone more eccentric.

Use your unfocused time to let your brain be creative. De-focus and your brain will switch between past, present and future thoughts, dredge up old memories and create new combinations of ideas. This can help enhance your creativity and mindfulness.

— Adapted from “Your Brain Can Only Take So Much Focus,” Srini Pillay, Harvard Business Review.

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