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How to monitor a worker

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Here are six points to help guide you when you tell an employee that you will be monitoring his work:

1. Monitoring performance means keeping yourself informed about what an employee is doing.

2. When you monitor, give equal attention to the employee’s adherence to standard procedures, his work habits and the results he’s producing.

3. Use a mix of monitoring methods including observation, production reports, random sampling, safety audits, maintenance records, attendance and time sheets.

4. Don’t forget to ask the employee how he’s doing, or how he thinks he’s doing. Make it interactive.

5. Remember, there’s a difference between monitoring and inspecting. A monitor is interested in what the person is doing—while an inspector is suspicious. Be a monitor.

6. The information that monitoring turns up is essential for effective supervision—but it ages quickly. Use it while it’s still current. Feed it back to the employee as reinforcement of good work, or make it the basis of a coaching session to improve his performance.

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