Become an industry expert

If you’ve been at it a long time, and you have loads of knowledge to share, follow this advice to build your stature as an industry expert:

Write. Create your own blog, publish posts on LinkedIn, answer questions on Quora or contribute guest posts to other relevant blogs. Then use social media to spread your message. It takes time—and you won’t receive a paycheck for it—but sharing quality how-to advice and commentary on industry news is one of the best ways to build your credibility.

Speak. Present at industry conferences or corporate events or for a webinar. You may need to do it for free initially, but it’s worth it as you’ll build your name recognition within the industry.

Mentor. Create groups where you coach and help to develop individuals in your field. Set up in-person workshops, offer online coaching sessions or create a LinkedIn group where you answer people’s questions and offer advice.

—Adapted from “Leveraging Expertise: 11 Tips to Solidify Your Position as an Expert Resource in Your Industry,” Forbes Communication Council, Forbes,