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4 trends in content marketing

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Across all industries and companies of all sizes, content marketing is proving to be both cheaper and more successful than traditional outbound marketing. The problem, however, is that with so many businesses doing it, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself.

That’s why many organizations are taking it to the next level by adopting new technologies that set them apart from everyone else. Curata, creators of content curation software, says these four types of content are the wave of the future:

Live video. Studies show that video increases click-throughs, organic traffic and monthly videos. While it used to be too expensive for most companies, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram make it easy and cheap to create and share videos.

User-generated content. An Adweek study found that people trust content made by others more than they trust content created by a brand. So, start by providing top-notch service and quality products. Then offer customers incentives for writing reviews, sharing videos and photos, and offering testimonials.

Augmented or virtual reality. These technologies offer you a whole new way to share and repurpose content. You can quickly capture customers’ attention—and let them interact with your products, services and brand—by offering a fully immersive experience that keeps them coming back.

Chatbots. Facebook and other services are making it possible to have automated conversations with your customers in real-time. Users interact with the chatbots in a casual, conversational format and receive answers to their questions.

—Adapted from “5 Content Marketing Trends Shaping 2017,” Ivan Kreimer, Curata Blog, www.curata.com.

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