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Big presentation? Be ready to shift gears

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in HR Management,Human Resources

You’ve spent hours rehearsing your high-stakes appearance before the budget committee—timed it down to the second, tweaked your PowerPoint slides to deliver maximum impact, anticipated every dollars-and-cents question.

What you didn’t count on was one of the honchos short-circuiting your presentation with a lengthy digression on the dire fiscal straits that followed the bursting of the dot-com bubble. Now your half-hour of face time is more like 20 minutes!

When pressed for time, be ready to shift gears. In fact, it’s rare to get through an executive briefing without interruption. You’ll have to wing it.

It helps to have organized your presentation into A-B-C categories:

A. The positions you advocate or conclusions the audience should reach

B. The information or arguments that directly support your premise

C. Everything else.

If the audience derails your presentation, don’t leave the room without showing your “A” game. Then offer as much “B” support as you have time for.

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