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Take control of hourly abuse! Just banning off-the-clock work isn’t enough

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

If you’re like most employers, you want to control who works overtime and when they do it. You no doubt have a sternly worded policy addressing the issue in your handbook. It probably tells employees in no uncertain terms that they must clock in and out before and after their shifts, and that working off the clock is cause for discipline and maybe even termination.

But a strong policy is only half the battle. You also need to institute practices that actually prevent off-the-clock work.

For example, managers must understand that if they allow, encourage or demand off-the-clock work, they themselves will be disciplined.

It also helps to spend enough on labor so managers have the employees they need to get work done during scheduled hours. Make sure bonus programs aren’t pegged to staying within the labor budget if it’s too low to ensure adequate staffing.

Bottom line: A policy alone isn’t enough. If you ignore the possibility...(register to read more)

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