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Where in the world are wages rising fastest?

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in HR Management,Human Resources

WorldatWork’s annual Salary Budget Survey reveals that employers in all surveyed countries are projecting salary budget increases for 2018.

Each of the participating countries are planning for mean or median growth in total salary budgets.

The emerging market nations of China, India and Russia continue to plan for the largest average increase budgets, but those increases are in line with past years. Several of the countries projecting the largest salary increases are also experiencing high rates of inflation.

Note that many countries require pay increases under various circumstances. These do not necessarily inflate salary increase budgets as they may be included in general increase/cost-of-living-adjustment, merit or other increase figures.

The following statistics represent total salary budget increases, accounting for planned pay increases such as general increases/cost-of-living adjustments and merit increases.

Projected mean salary budget increases

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