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Flextime is the future: How to make it work

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

In an age when technology permits a variety of work options and people are looking for ways to balance professional and personal obligations, flexible arrangements can be central to attracting and keeping great workers. Studies show that employees who are given some say-so about when and where work gets done report higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty to the company.

But whether your business routinely allows telecommuting or simply provides a soccer dad the option to come in early and leave early on game days, clarity is essential to office harmony and function.


Who may ask for flextime and how often? Is it only available for certain positions or to employees with a given length of service? How far in advance must a person request time? Is there a limit on how many team members can have an alternate schedule on a given day?

Spell out answers to these and similar questions as intricately as possible so that...(register to read more)

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