The 6 people you need to succeed

6 peopleThere are six types of people you should have in your life to support your career success. Check your personal and professional life to see if you have each of these:

1. Your booster encourages you. This is often a spouse or close friend who keeps your spirits up when times get tough.

2. Your juror gives you honest feedback. This is the person who passes judgment after hearing all the facts. They will tell you honestly how you’re doing.

3. Your advisor counsels you on big decisions. You can call this person anytime because they have experience in the field you’re in. They won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they have your best interests at heart.

4. Your partner complements your weaknesses. This person is strong in the areas you’re not, and knows you and your job inside and out. You might conflict with partners at times, but you couldn’t survive without them.

5. Your collaborator helps your creative side. This is the person you brainstorm new ideas with, and they give honest opinions about your ideas.

6. Your incentivizer is the person who doubted you. The incentivizer told you that you couldn’t do it or you weren’t good enough, and their words have pushed you to prove them wrong. They incited you to act and try harder.

— Adapted from “6 People You Must Have in Your Network to Be Successful,” John Eades, Inc.