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2 ways to get your afternoon focus back

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1. Take a walk outdoors for 15 minutes after eating a quick lunch. Research has found that people who go outside and focus on their natural surroundings enjoy their breaks more compared with those who stayed indoors.

2. Find a quiet place in the office to do relaxation exercises, deep breathing and meditation. 15 minutes of relaxation can help you improve your focus. The benefit of this comes from being able to detach yourself from work during your break.

Both of these activities help with concentration and reduce fatigue. People who relax or walk outdoors seem to leave work with more energy compared with those who take a usual lunch break.

It can help increase productivity on a busy day. Although you may think your day is too busy to take a 15-minute break, you might actually make up for that time by being more efficient after your break.

— Adapted from “Here’s How To Be Less Tired After Work,” Amanda MacMillan, Time.

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