The case for scheduling on paper

Smartphone apps offer calendar, note-taking and reminder functions that can put organization right at your fingertips. However, there are benefits to old-fashioned pen and paper that an app can’t duplicate.

Writing on paper helps your memory. The act of writing and flipping through your planner actually helps you remember appointments and to-dos. Additionally, you get a broad look at your accomplishments as you cross them off.

Pen and paper can cause you to take more notes. People write more details on paper than when typing in an app. You may find that you jot down more ideas in a paper planner.

A paper planner shows where you’ve been. Reminders tend to disappear from apps; paper is lasting. You can see what you did in previous weeks by flipping through the pages.

— Adapted from “What Happened When I Ditched My Smartphone For A Paper Planner,” Michael Grothaus, Fast Company.