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Wisdom from Admin Pro Forum 2017

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Robert Lentz

by on
in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Between the training sessions on everything from Excel to event management, attendees to June’s Admin Pro Forum 2017 in Orlando were privy to panel sessions and roundtables featuring plenty of real-time advice from the conference’s featured speakers. A sampling:

Lucy Brazier on pushing back: “Some of our tasks are like stones, others are like sand. Imagine putting your tasks in a cup: You’d put the stones in first—the tasks that make executives perform and look their best. The sand is what fills in the rest of the job: all the waiting, the conversations, the errands … When you’re given too much to do, it can really help to show the boss your task list visually, and ask, ‘Where would you like me to put this?’ Show them all the sand between the stones.”

Christy Crump on building trust with the boss: “I don’t think I’ve ever overstepped a boundary, because from day one in any job I’ve had, I made sure to set the boundaries myse...(register to read more)

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