Become indispensable at work

Avoid the pink slip—and instead position yourself for a promotion—by following this advice:

Do your job. Everyone faces challenges at work, but the employees who are most valued don’t let those challenges derail them from hitting their goals. They don’t make excuses, create drama or place blame. Instead, they figure out how to get the job done.

Wear multiple hats. You want to be an expert in your current role, but also seek opportunities to learn skills and gain knowledge outside your comfort zone. If you are in marketing, ask to take on responsibilities in sales or business development, for example, in addition to your regular duties. You will learn how the business operates and the role each department plays.

Develop a service mindset. Never should you think “That’s not my job.” Instead, you should always be asking “How can I serve our customers and my co-workers?” and then do it. True team players are an asset in the workplace, and your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

— Adapted from “Fired or Promoted? 3 Ways Top Executives Evaluate Employees,” Ian Altman, Forbes,