Are you making this email goof?

What’s the biggest faux pas when writing emails? Making them too long. “A long email is a signal you’re using the wrong communication tool,” says Leigh Stringer, author of The Healthy Workplace.

Two great reasons to keep your emails short and sweet:

They’re inconsiderate. No one has the time to weed through paragraphs of information to figure out what you want. Keep messages focused and short. Limit them to two paragraphs, and use bullet points and formatting to make the content easy to scan. Emails are best for sending documents, attachments and quick status reports or for scheduling meetings and deadlines.

They slow progress. In most cases, you can accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time if you were to meet face-to-face, rather than try to work things out over email. If you need to ask or answer open-ended, in-depth or complex questions, meet in-person, or at least over the phone. “You think it’s faster communicating over email, but it can actually be a time suck,” Stringer says.

— Adapted from “The No. 1 Mistake People Make When Writing Work Emails,” Zameena Mejia, CNBC Make It,