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Invest in a timely, thorough investigation, or prepare to pay big damage award

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

When employees complain about potential workplace discrimination and harassment, smart employers take it seriously. Nothing short of a thorough investigation will do. If you drop the ball and don’t take quick action, it could wind up costing your organization dearly.

Recent case: Muyleng was born and raised in Cambodia. English is her second language.

She came to the United States in 1981 and worked for a decade in quality testing before taking a job with a medical device maker. There, she inspected and tested parts.

Muyleng received excellent reviews for five years. She was commended for her hard work, attention to detail and ability to spot and solve problems.

Although English was Muyleng’s second language, she interviewed in English and attended training taught in English for which she earned certifications of successful completion. Then she earned a promotion to a different location within the facility—a promotion that s...(register to read more)

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